Terms & conditions for work carried out by request of customers

  • 1. (a) Hughes Plumbing and Heating works on a cash on completion in full basis.
      (b) Details of how to make a payment can be found on the Rates and Payments page.

  • 2. (a) A posted invoice needs to by paid within 14 days by cheque or online payment via our web site.
      (b) After 14 days a reminder letter or email will be sent out and a late payment fee of £45 will be charged which will be added to the orginal invoiced amount unless an arrangement is in place beforehand.
      (c) After 28 days the outstanding amount will be handed over to a debt collection agency and any additional fees will be added to the outstanding amount.

  • 3. (a) All materials supplied remain the property of Hughes Plumbing and Heating until these have been paid for in full.
      (b) We reserve the right to remove materials supplied if payment is not made in full and on time according to our T&C's.

  • 4. (a) All parts supplied by Hughes Plumbing and Heating are genuine parts and may come with a manufacturer's warranty.
      (b) Manufacturer's warranties may not cover labour.
      (c) If any parts fail due to a manufacturer's defect and need replaced under this warranty, any additional labour required in
      replacing the parts will chargeable at the standard hourly rate of £45 per hour or part thereof.

  • 5. All parts supplied by Hughes Plumbing and Heating are subject to a min 20% handling fee or chargable time for sourcing
      materials at the standard hourly rate of £45 per hour or part thereof plus any postage costs incurred.

  • 6. (a) Hughes Plumbing and Heating take no responsibility for any parts supplied by customer's and may refuse to fit the
      parts if there are any questionable issues regarding health and safety regulations.
      b) Labour will be charged at the usual hourly rate as per above.

  • If you have any questions please contact Damian Hughes through our contact page.